English War Vocabulary

Right now, there is a war in Europe.  Everyone is hearing about the war in Ukraine on on TV, on YouTube, and everywhere on social media, but do you understand all the important English war vocabulary?

In this video I will teach you the most important and the most popular English War Vocabulary and example sentences to help you understand them.

12 of the most popular English War Vocabulary you need to know.

  • Weapon

Meaning: a weapon is a thing made for or used for hurting and causing people harm or causing any physical damage.

Example: Many weapons are used in a war to kill people.

  • Shot (Past Tense of “shoot”)

Meaning: It is the firing of a gun or weapon.

Example: They shot their weapons at us.

If this action is happening now, then we could say:

They are shooting their weapons at us. (Present Continuous)

  • Attack

Meaning: To attack means to start the fight against someone.

For example: They attacked our people when they shot their weapons at us.

  • Defend

Meaning: The word defend is the opposite of “attack”. It means to protect from harm or danger.

For example: The Ukraine army defended their country from the enemy.

  • Missile

A missile is a guided rocket that the army shoot. It is a rocket with a small computer chip in it to tell it where to land.

For example: Russia shot many missiles at Ukrainian cities.

  • Artillery

Meaning: Artillery is a very large gun that shoots very big bullets that explode.

For example: The army shot a lot of artillery at the enemy.

  • Bomb  (Be careful when you pronounce this word. The second B in Bomb is a silent B.)

What is a bomb?  A bomb is a device or thing which explodes (goes BOOM)

A plane that drops bombs from the sky is called a bomber.

For example: The bomber plane drops bombs on the city.

  • Destroyed (Past tense of Destroy)

It means to break or damage something so badly that it can’t be used any more.

For example: The Russian army destroyed many apartment buildings in Ukraine with their missiles and bombs.

  • Blew up (Phrasal Verb) (Past Tense)

It means: To explode or be destroyed by explosion (boom).

For example: The car blew up when it was hit by a missile.


Their missiles blew up the enemy tanks.

  • Invade

Meaning: To invade means to enter a country by force with many soldiers in order to take the land for themselves.

For example: Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022 when they sent their army over the Ukrainian border.

  • Victim

Meaning: A victim is a person harmed, injured, or killed because of a crime, accident, or war.

For example: There are many Ukrainian victims from the Russian war with Ukraine.

  • Refugee

Meaning: a refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape (get away from) a war.

For example: There are many refugees who left Ukraine to find safety from the war.

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