7 formas de estar de acuerdo en inglés

como estar de acuerdo

Instead of saying, “I agree” all the time, here are some natural ways to agree in English. You can watch the lesson video or read below. How to agree in English: EXACTLY INDEED. ABSOLUTELY. THAT’S SO TRUE. THAT’S FOR SURE. I AGREE 100%. I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. When we learn English vocabulary, we must always … Leer más

¿Cómo estás? como saludar en ingles

Practica saludos en inglés

When someone says to you, “Hi, how are you? ” Do you freeze and not know how to reply. Or maybe you just say the same English greeting you always gave? In this English speaking practice video, I’m going to help you learn some great ways to greet someone in English and even sound like … Leer más