10 мощных фраз делового английского для интервью

Business English for Interviews

Do you want to impress your interviewer with your English?   Here are 10 powerful business English phrases for interviews to help you get that job you’ve been always wanted.  1. Passion It means:  a strong feeling or emotion for something. Example: I have a passion for helping people. 2. I can It means:  to be able to. … Читать далее

7 способов выразить свое согласие на английском языке

Как договориться

Instead of saying, “I agree” all the time, here are some natural ways to agree in English. You can watch the lesson video or read below. How to agree in English: EXACTLY INDEED. ABSOLUTELY. THAT’S SO TRUE. THAT’S FOR SURE. I AGREE 100%. I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. When we learn English vocabulary, we must always … Читать далее

Как твои дела? Как здороваться на английском

Практика английского приветствия

When someone says to you, “Hi, how are you? ” Do you freeze and not know how to reply. Or maybe you just say the same English greeting you always gave? In this English speaking practice video, I’m going to help you learn some great ways to greet someone in English and even sound like … Читать далее

Как самостоятельно практиковать разговорные навыки английского языка

10 способов попрактиковаться в английском самостоятельно

There are quite a few easy exercises that you can do daily to help you practice your English speaking. Here are 10 English Speaking Practice Exercises you can do by yourself. 1. Practice speaking English alone You don’t need any other people to speak English with all the time. It is so important to be able … Читать далее

5 лучших советов по более быстрому изучению английского языка

Учите английский с репетитором Стив

Are you looking for the best way to learn English? Here are the 5 Best ways to learn English faster! There are many suggestions on the internet on how to learn or improve your English skills, but not all of them will help you grow your English skills fast. Avoid studying grammar rules TOO much … Читать далее