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1-on-1 English Lessons

At Tell Class, we've figured out how to help students learn English effectively and faster. Up to 4x Faster!

Instead of focusing on boring grammar rules, we prioritize the power of conversation and listening, offering 1-to-1 private video chat lessons that are tailor-made for each individual.

No two learners are the same, so why should their lessons be? Our qualified and experienced English tutors create personalized lessons tailored to meet the specific goals and requirements of your staff, guaranteeing rapid improvement and skill development.

Why is English important for your business to grow?

Investing in English lessons for your company's employees is a strategic move that can fuel substantial growth. It equips your workforce with a crucial skill, enabling seamless communication with global clients, partners, and stakeholders. This enhanced proficiency not only nurtures stronger relationships but also opens doors to new markets and business opportunities, making it possible for your company's expansion and success on a global scale.

Whether you are an international corporation or a small business, communication with customers and clients in English will help your company to grow.

how does it work?


Easily add new staff members easily with just their name and email account.

Add Employees

Employee finds a time

Each employee manages their own account and lesson schedule. They can easily find the perfect time for their busy schedule. 

TellClass Available English Tutors

choose a tutor

Each employee will then choose and book one of our available English tutors for their chosen time.

TellClass Book an English Tutor

enjoy the lesson

Your employee can then join a private online English lesson to start improving their English.

TellClass Online English Lessons

monitor employee growth

At any time, management can log into your company account to see how your employees are improving.  You will be able to see their attendance records, lesson recordings, statistics and English levels.

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English lessons with big discount

Prices under €8.50 per lesson.

Learning English does not need to be expensive for your company. Our lesson plans will fit into everyone's company budget.  

We offer volume discounts for companies, making it more affordable.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

"If you are not satisfied with our services in the first 14 days, we will refund you on all unused lessons!"

What do our students say about us?

TellClass Testimonial Michael

Michael R.

Sales Manager


Tell Class transformed my career. As an international sales manager, language barriers were a challenge. The interactive lessons and speaking practice were engaging and focused on real-life business scenarios.

The experienced tutors at Tell Class helped me enhance my vocabulary, fluency, and cultural understanding, helping me to build strong relationships with clients worldwide. If you're in the business world and looking to improve your English, I highly recommend Tell Class!


Katya B.

Account Manager


I’ve been studying with Tell Class tutors for 7 months already. I’m fully satisfied with studying process.

The lessons are interesting, providing new vocabulary but what is more, cover really cool topics and combine different methods.

The program you follow is adapted for each student based on their needs, goals and level.

 So the lessons don’t look like boring classes at school but are both fun and useful. 

Alessandro M.

Procurement Manager


I've been attending Tell Class course for a year now, and during this time I have improved a lot of my English knowledge and speak more fluently. I can easily see in my daily work, having more confidence during meetings speaking English. 

I really appreciate the method of study based on fast spoken lessons, each day about different topics. You can learn from your errors and get familiar with useful English expressions.

TellClass Testimonial Sarah

Sara T. 

Communications Manager


Working with Tell Class has been a game-changer for me. As a communications manager, effective communication is important, and Tell Class has taken my English skills to new heights. The personalized lessons provided an captivating and tailored experience, helping me build confidence in speaking English fluently.

Thanks to Tell Class, I now speak with confidence during important business meetings and effortlessly connect with clients worldwide. Highly recommended for professionals looking to master English communication skills!


Egor B. 

CEO of Initiative 


I've been studying on Tell Class for 1.5 years and it has been and continues to be an exciting experience of learning English for me.
Tell Class has benefited me and improved my business performance, having many opportunities to put what I've learned into practice when speaking with my clients.
Tell Class has not only benefited me and also my employees who are becoming more and more fluent in English.
I would highly recommend this platform if you want to improve your English skills and become fluent in an easy way.


Solmaz D.

Business Owner 


I had the best English lessons with a great tutor on Tell Class.
The lessons don't look like boring classes.

The teaching methods are perfect .

My tutor was very kind and was full of language knowledge.

Example lessons

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Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can. If you are not 100% happy you can cancel the subscription yourself at any time from your subscription details page.  If you cancel your subscription in the first 14 days of joining, we will refund the remaining balance automatically for lessons not used. 

How long are the lessons?

Each lesson is 25 minutes long.

What do you teach?

Discover the power of effective communication with Tell Class. Unlike traditional language schools, we don't overwhelm you with hundreds of grammar rules. Instead, we implement the highly effective Dogme Communication Approach, focused on speaking and listening regularly. This method ensures that you learn English in a natural and engaging way, making language acquisition both efficient and enjoyable.

You will learn to speak fluently and confidently in your lessons, improve your listening and pronunciation skills, and grow your English vocabulary. Get ready for interesting discussions on many real-world topics where you can practice new vocabulary and learn useful skills.

Whether you're looking to improve your English for work presentations, and sales pitches, or just want to speak English confidently at work, our tutors are here to assist you and customize the lessons according to your needs.

Are all lessons private or group?

Each lesson you have will be a private lesson. There will be one tutor and one student. 

Can I choose my own tutor?

Yes, you can choose your own tutor. You may book as many tutors as you like until you have used up all your lesson credits. 

Do lessons expire?

Yes, unused do expire.  The unused lessons are valid for 2 months before they expire. That means that if you go on holiday, you still have time to use them when you get back. 


If you buy 20 lessons on 1 January, any unused lessons will expire at the end of February.

Must I install an app or software?

No, you do not need to install any software or app on your phone or computer to take lessons.  We do however suggest using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for a better experience.

You just need to go to our website and log into your account and begin enjoying your lessons.

We do however use the Telegram chat app for sending you reminders of bookings which is a great feature if you want improved notifications.