We will help your child to speak fluently.

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  • Lessons for ages 5-15

Practice your English anywhere, anytime.


learning english the natural way

Traditional schools unfortunately don't teach our children how to speak English fluently and get bored quickly from all the language rules that they want your child to learn.

Tell Class is here to help your child to learn English faster and in a more natural and fun way.



When your child listens to their native English speaking tutors, they will learn new vocabulary and grammar naturally, the same way they learnt their our own native language as a baby. 

Your child will also learn how to use the new vocabulary in context as well as how to pronounce everything correctly.



We remember 90% of what we do, this is why we encourage all English students to speak as much as possible in every lesson. 

Speaking is one of the most effective ways to becoming confident and fluent in speaking a new language.



We often use visual exercises like images to teach new vocabulary. This is a powerful natural learning tool that helps you understand the context and doesn't need to be translated to be understood in your home language. 

We also use images to help your child to build sentences and practice sentence structure.

Kids English Tutors

QUalified native english speaking tutors

Our certified and experienced native English tutors from around the world have been carefully selected so that we can offer your child the best English tutors for your child.   

TellClass Schedule


Find your ideal tutor for your needs and book them. We offer 24/7 availability to make it easy for you. 

Kids English Speaking Lessons

Practice ENGLISH

Fun private video lessons with any tutor of your choice. English tutors will help your child become confident and fluent in your speaking. Each lesson will be customized to your child's individual needs.

Each private lesson is 25 minutes long, the perfect amount of time needed for your child to improve your English skills.

english lessons from €6.50

Learning English does not need to be expensive. Our lesson plans will fit into everyone's budget. Book private lessons with native English tutors from €6.50 per lesson.

Kids English Learning


Shared Presentations

Tutors and students can share .pdf or .doc presentations to discuss in the lessons.

Shared Videos

Tutors can help you practice your listening skills with the help of shared videos.

Share Screen

You and your tutor can share computer screens with each other when needed. This is great if you want to share additional material to talk about.

Shared Notes

You and your tutor will see each other typing in real-time, make notes and even download the notes at the end of the lesson.

Virtual Backgrounds

Students and tutors can use the blur background or virtual background feature to improve  privacy.  


Lessons can be even more interactive by being able to write and draw on the lesson material with annotations.

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Can I cancel or downgrade my subscription?

Yes you can. If you are not 100% happy you can cancel the subscription yourself at any time from your subscription details page.  We will refund the remaining balance automatically for lessons not used for your second month onwards. Your first month can't be refunded.  The discount that you received will be adjusted according to your new lesson plan you downgraded to.

Do lesson credits expire?

Yes, lesson credits do expire, but only after 2 months.


If you buy 20 lessons with a 1-month subscription on 1 January, your unused lesson credits will expire at the end of February.

What do you teach?

We mainly focus on speaking practice instead of teaching the hundreds of grammar rules like many traditional language schools would. The best way to learn a grammar is by speaking, listening and reading, and doing this regularly. Here you will be learning English in a more natural way. 

If you want to practice your English work presentation, prepare for a job interview, or maybe even get ready for school exams or your IELTS exam, our tutors are here to help you and customize the lessons to your needs.

How long are the lessons?

Each lesson is 25 minutes long.

Are all lessons private or group?

Each lesson you have will be a private lesson. There will be one tutor and one student. 

Can I choose my own tutor?

Yes, you can choose your own tutor. You may book as many tutors as you like until you have used up all your lesson credits. 

Must I install an app or software?

No, you do not need to install any software or app on your phone or computer to take lessons.  We do however suggest using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for a better experience.

You just need to go to our website and log into your account and begin enjoying your lessons.

We do however use the Telegram chat app for sending you reminders of bookings which is a great feature if you want improved notifications.